I am very impressed with the moisture – I suspect areas along and just east of I-95 could be seeing their fist 12" snows on a long time. Baltimore and east over to Delaware – 12 -16"!

This is a big storm. Some of the latest models are coming in and are showing the storm lasting into Monday!

Right now, I am expectin areas from Roanoke to Charlottesville to Leesburg to Eastern Frederick county and east to see storm totals 3- 6"

Areas 15 -20 miles west of 95 up to 95 and about 15 to to miles east – 4- 8"

Areas east of this up to 30 miles inland from the coast.. Jackpot! 6 -12" with some areas easily 12 – 14"  (Isolated even higher!)

I suspect that the western edge of heavy snow COULD shift eastward and that would mean the whole area shifts east.. it is also very possible the jackpots could go westward!

This WILL be a high impact event!

Get ready!