3/4 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Next 7-10 days are going to feature 2 chances of winter to return followed by an intense cold outbreak!


First, the next 24-36 hours will feature an Alberta clipper that will bring some light rain and snow showers to the region overnight and mainly light rain showers tomorrow. There is nothing to be concerned about in this feature. We have 2 days of break with temperatures moderating and then, as another Alberta clipper slides off the east coast a chance that a secondary low forms on that front and causes snow or a mixture of precip could occur on Tuesday. I am not too confident of these types of scenarios so this will be one to watch and learn from, and of course, keep you informed of. The relative warmth of Monday will quickly be turned around by this storm and then there is trouble on the horizon as a Gulf coast low could reform off the North Carolina coast and deepen to a mega bomb! If this occurs (and many time this year this has been forecasted only to change as the event neared) then there will be parts of western Virginia and western Maryland that could have a serious bout of snowfall. As the system deepens off the east coast, a MAJOR cold outbreak will occur causing the coldest temperatures of the winter season, especially relative to normals for this time of year! Needless to say, a lot to watch.

Thanks to all who posted to the Forum. Our community has grown to 10 members. Great observations and feedback by many during this last storm. Please join those who have so we can get good feedback and regional coverage. http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/


Today: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50

Partly Cloudy

Saturday: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 35-45

Some snow in the North and the Mountains. Some rain/snow mixed in the morning other parts with showers possible. Breezy

Sunday: SW: 55-65 SE: 55-65 N: 45-55

Milder and partly cloudy

Monday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 50-60

Much Milder, increasing clouds, chance of rain late in the day and/or overnight

Tuesday: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 45-55 (Temps may be falling. A lot to watch)

Rain possibly changing to snow. Slight chance that the precip may start off mixed in the mountains.

Wednesday: SW: 40-50 SE: 40-50 N: 30-40

Clearing and colder

Long Term:

Please note the system late in the week could be a huge snow and wind maker, but this is all models now! This would be followed by an intense cold air outbreak.


All for now!