3/31 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Here comes more rain! Today we will enjoy seasonal temperatures, but rain will likely overspread the region and last into the overnight. HEAVY FLOODING rains and thunderstorms likely. Some Severe Storms possible tomorrow into Friday night. Unfortunately, Cool conditions will follow this powerful storm with Saturday highs in the 40s north to low 60s south at best. We warm up early next week and could see some good ideal warmth towards the middle of the week. A cold front may affect us by that time.

Summary: The successive storm after storm pattern continues the next 48 hours as an initial
push of rain comes through today and then an intense storm system develops tomorrow providing wind driven rain, embedded thunder, and even Severe Storms to the southeastern areas. Unfortunately, the strength of the system will tap Canadian air for Saturday, proving to be both cool and windy, with higher elevation snow showers possible Saturday Night. Early next week temperatures should start climbing warmer, and by Wednesday area wide highs in the 70s and 80s could show up! It also appears this may be a drier period as the intense storm tomorrow alters the pattern a little bit!

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Cloudy with rain eventually overspreading all areas.

Heavy FLOODING rains and thunderstorms possible. Some storms may be Severe.

Saturday: Rain may hold on for part of the day, but hopefully we will see clearing skies. Temps 10-15 degrees or more below normal with gusty winds

Sunny. Temperatures climbing back to seasonal levels

Sunny. Temperatures climbing as much as 10 degrees above normal seasonal levels

Partly Cloudy. Temperatures remaining 10 degrees above normal


Cloudy, maybe a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Temperatures as much as 15 degrees above normal.

Long Term:
Temps look to stay at or even slightly above normal for a while. Will watch, but hoping the drier conditions will hold for the following weekend.

All for now!