3/29 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Windy conditions today with our rainy weather behind us for a few days and then we are back into potentially severe weather! Weekend looks just a bit below seasonal normals, but **DRY** for now!

Summary: The storm system yesterday was very impressive. Some severe storms, but more important for our region was the serious amounts of rain that fell. Several rivers and streams are headed out of their banks so Flood Warnings are posted. Floods are serious business and do kill a lot of people every year! The weather will turn breezy and nice today! Highs will reach the 60s to lower and mid 70s! This warmer weather will continue tomorrow, but the north needs to watch a back door cold front for Thursday that may wreck what could have been a day in the 70s for them! Friday is the next shot of showers and thunderstorms, again, there is a threat of Severe Storms that will need to be monitored. The weekend looks good, though highs may be 5-8 degrees below normal.

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Clearing skies with breezy conditions.


Downright warm in the south with highs breaking the 80s, and nice area wide


North could see temperatures cooler or fall, and clouds increase with a back door cold front. South will remain warm.


Showers and thunderstorms possible. Some storms may be severe.


Rain may hold on for part of the day, but hopefully we will see clearing skies. Slightly cooler than normal temperatures


Clear and temps slightly below normal.

Long Term:

Looks good early next week in continuing a dry trend. Highs should be close to seasonal or just above. 


All for now!