3/19 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

I hear her, singing, Winter is over!! Yep, it is Springtime and the pattern is trying to edge in that direction, but having a harder time. It appears that the first week of April may be the first time we really feel like spring! We face a quick hitting rain event tonight. Some mild conditions, and some more rain (even higher elevation mix?) Tuesday into Wednesday, but also some potential for Severe Storms Wednesday depending on what happens exactly with temperatures. Overall, the pattern looks like we will continue with below normal temperatures , about 5 to as much as 10 degrees!



Busy times this week again have prevented me from doing a full update. The thing that kills me most is my temperature forecasts! Instead of doing temps, I will still do a daily analysis but give a general sense of the weather, and if temps are important (i.e. to produce snow, or Is exciting because it will be warm!) I will mention this. I am in the process of redesign thoughts again to make my web site more easy to use and provide some additional links and resources, especially for Severe Weather as we are in the season!. That will be a slow process, but feel free to leave feedback with me on what you do and do not like.



Increasing clouds. A very slight chance of rain far west. Overnight rain.



Rain until about mid day possible. Highs 50s and 60s



Partly cloudy!



Increasing Cloudiness. Overnight rain, or even a rain snow mix in the higher elevations possible. Could be a good dose of rain too.



Rain still possible, and there is the possibility that parts of the region (especially south) could see a bout of severe storminess.



Partly Cloudy



Partly cloudy with Normal Temperatures!


Long Term:

Spring Time temperatures may visit us next week, but not before a potentially rainy Easter.


All for now!