2/28 Final Call

Big Winter Storm Commencing!


Major Winter Storm


From Tonight Through Late Tuesday Night, though bulk will fall next 24 hours

How Much?

I have my final call map here: http://www.midatlanticweather.com/Images/2_28_2005_F.gif

Some Locations:

Hagerstown: 8-10

Dulles: 8-10

Washington DC: 6-8

Fairfax: 8-10

Charlottesville: 8-10

Lynchburg: 4-6 some Freezing Rain

Roanoke: 8-10

Wytheville: 8-10

Danville: 1-3 Freezing Rain Threat

Richmond: 1-3 To Rain

Fredericksburg: 4-6

NOTE: These could be underdone! There will be Thundersnows tomorrow and I could really be
under doing the amounts! I am playing it safe with eth QPF from models Also, the area expecting a large mix.. if it is snow.. that will be much higher!


Models suddenly warmer and less precip. Is this true? Doubt it looking at Radar.

Really, my concern is that the precip totals could be too low!

May see a regeneration of snow again tomorrow night as the Upper level system comes through

Winds will start to be an issue tomorrow night… This could mean we get to Blizzard Conditions? That will need toe be assessed tomorrow and more likely north of our region of the country

Far western VA and Maryland (western facing slopes)could see a serious amount of snow tomorrow night into Tuesday from wrap around and that upper level disturbance.

All for now.

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