2/26 DC/MD/VA Winter Weather Alert

Winter Storm Alert.. BIG STORM LIKELY!


This is a big storm and HUGE Nor’easter for the Northeastern US. Coastal areas will see heavy rains for sure and inland, a variety of precipitation types until you reach higher elevations where serious snows could accumulate.


Sunday Night through Tuesday Night.


Mainly Central and Western Virginia and Maryland in the Northern ½ of Virginia and all of Maryland. Especially West of I-95 in this region. (Map Helps!)

How Much?

See Map for my Preliminary thoughts!http://www.midatlanticweather.com/Images/02_28_2005_.gif


  1. Low track is uncertain! Further east/ historic snows for all of central and Western VA. Further west, heavy, even flooding rains!
  2. Cold air is marginal. I think the dynamics of the storm will produce its own cold so this is not a major concern, but, precip will mix heavily as the low cranks up and throws warm air from the ocean into colder air. Exception will likely be the Mountains, but sleet there would not surprise me either!
  3. There looks like there will be a big Dry Slot (Area where precip does not fall) and it could set up over the central regions. Interesting how many models seem to see this.
  4. Flooding Rains? Maybe if track is inland. Think longer term this will be an issue if we get a good snow pack in regions and then warm up.
  5. Severe?If far enough west, eastern, and especially southeastern Virginia have a risk for severe storms.

Some Notes:

    • Meteorologists I trust are split on the track!
    • This storm has some great positives and negatives about it and the next 24-36 hours of models are going to say a lot about the outcome, but the event may have to be unfolding before we get a real sense of what will happen

All for now!