2/14 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

The mix occurred this morning! Not always able to update like I would during the weekends. Funny how family can keep you busy. A lot to ponder the next 7 to 10 days as winter comes back with 2 significant threats for winter weather and even some real cold.


Raw day on tap. Northern Virginia and Maryland saw a period of wet snow and sleet this morning. The system today will drop as much as an inch of rain before lifting north. Tomorrow will be lovely with highs 60s and even a 70 or higher degree in the south. The front associated with the system today will cross the region and knock us to below normal temperatures as we head into the weekend.. AND THEN.. There are some interesting developments that look like they **MAY** occur! First, we have a split flow pattern. This gives the US both Polar as well as
Sub Tropical influences which means cold and moisture! Will they combine? 2 chances show up in the long term. One a week from today and then a few days later! Either one of these could really be juicy system and there are a lot of details to work out but we could see the best chances of serious snowfall of the season. Nothing to do but watch and see what takes shape!

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Today: SW: 40-50 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50

Morning rain, or rain/sleet mix in the north, with seasonal to slightly below normal temperatures.

Tuesday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 55-65

Enjoy this day! It will be last warm one for a little while!

Wednesday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 50-60

Front will cross the region with even the chances of a thunderstorm. Temps should fall and could even see wet snow in the system in region by the end of the event.

Thursday: SW: 40-50 SE: 40-50 N: 40-50

Expecting some breezy conditions with much cooler temperatures.

Friday: SW: 40-50 SE: 40-50 N: 40-50


Saturday: SW: 40-50 SE: 40-50 N: 40-50

Cool. Increasing cloudiness. Colder temperatures arrive overnight.

Sunday: SW: 30-40 SE: 35-45 N: 25-35

Cold. Precipitation (Snow/Rain/Sleet something) possible. This may be the beginning of a huge winter storm!

Long Term:

As noted, another snowstorm is possible a few days after the first! Keep posted!

All for Now!