2010 – 2011 Winter Outlook

As of now, I am going to go for a very normal temperature but it will be normal based on some warmer and cooler months. I think we start cooler and end warmer to equal out. Snow will be near normal in the north and below normal south. For NC and Southern VA, the winter will be mild and not that snowy, but I expect some icy times. In the Northern regions of VA and MD, mixed bags will be common. I suspect many storms will start as snow and end as rain due to overrunning and storms heading west of the Mountains. We will likely see 2 to 3 snow storms. Nothing like last year! PA will see normal to just above normal snow and normal temps.

I do expect leading into winter that we will see a couple storms that will crush the rest of the drought concerns. Later in the winter, NC and SC may see the dry weather return.

We will see how this goes!