1/7 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

I canÂ?t help but remember the Blizzard of 96 during this time. That was really a lot of fun for a snow lover! See link below! As far as our weather.. A quick hitting system will drop some rain overnight into tomorrow morning (actually will start before long in many places as it is racing northeast) The weekend will be about 10 degrees above normal before record warmth visits next week! Thursday to Friday a front comes through and will knock our temps back to seasonal and eventually below normal values. There could easily be a snow or ice event sometime next weekend into early the following week and just before I sent this a lot of hype from trusted meteorologists about new model runs making it much colder and perhaps snowier beyond day 7!



First, the Blizzard! http://www.accuweather.com/adc_images2/english/feature/400×300/wxwhy.jpg

The quick hitting storm could be our only rain producer until next Thursday or Friday! Temps will be mild and get downright warm next week! I am betting 80 for parts of the region by Next Wednesday. But do not get too used to it, as a turn for cold will be felt Friday into the next weekend! There are even models showing a quick hitting snowstorm by day 10, but I have seen these things fall apart pretty quickly as events unfold. As far as how long the cold air will stay, it will be really hard to tell. There have been signs it may be very transient, and yet, newest models make me a bit more excited that conditions could set up to lock it in for a bit. We shall see!


 Just a reminder that I have a new Weather Forum for the region. It is not heavily used and only a few members now. I would like to see it grow and get busy during storms especially! http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/




Saturday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 45-55

Chance of some showers early North. Slow clearing.


Sunday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 50-60

Partly Cloudy


Monday: SW: 65-75 SE: 65-75 N: 60-70

Partly Cloudy.


Tuesday: SW: 68-78 SE: 68-78 N: 65-75

Partly Cloudy.


Wednesday: SW: 70-80 SE: 70-80 N: 68-78

Partly Cloudy.


Thursday: SW: 60-70 SE: 60-70 N: 60-70

Windy Showers and maybe thunderstorms.


Friday: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 45-55

Clearing and cooler. (Temps may need adjusting!)


Long Term:

Possible winter weather early the following week. Ability for cold air to stay will need to be monitored, but new evidence supporting a cold and snowy week possible.


All for now!



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