1/4 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook


Mild weather will give way to colder temps this weekend. Things look to warm up again next week. A few weather memories and the Tropics too!



Outlook: Weather remains on the warmer than normal side until Friday when a polar front does make it through the area and send our readings to about or just below normal. Looking. This system bears some watching, as it will have the possibility of spinning some moisture towards the coast. It is ** Possible ** that the system could become more intense and cause some snow for the region, but, the models have been persistent in bringing the feature off shore. It does appear that the temps will moderate again next week with another chance of rain next Thursday timeframe.


Some interesting things weather wise: Tropical Storm Zeta is out in the Atlantic and is maintaining a strong Tropical Storm Status at 65 mph. The system will likely maintain strength and it could even strengthen. The system has defied forecasters as it was believed to fall apart very quickly, but has strengthened when it was believed it would weaken. If it becomes a Hurricane it will be the firstly ever to have formed in the Atlantic in January!


The reason for our mild weather has been the Pacific Jet that threatens to be a big player the rest of winter. In such a pattern it is hard to buck the jet stream dramatically for big storms. That being said, the storms that do show up can be very moist…and if the right combo occurs, good snows can occur. December was anomalous in its cold, but now I feel my winter forecast is in line with the pattern. December was a bust for me, but I think a milder than normal winter with short intrusions of cold air and a chance for above normal snows because of the moisture will be in the cards the rest of winter.. but I am no meteorologist.. and I hope it is colder than I think.


Remembering 1996 (10 years ago!), a warm week is suddenly plummeted to cold and a strong storm, forecast by many models on the Polar Jet, suddenly jumps to the Arctic Jet on American models about 36 hours before the event (The EURO was on it earlier) and we had a big snow! I lived in Oakton, VA and my roommate bet me it would not snow 18 inches or he would clean my car off the rest of the winter! He made good on the bet as we shoveled the 18 inches form my car! What an awesome event!


Well that is all for now!



Great School in Northern Virginia. http://www.ambleside.org/




Great School in Northern Virginia. http://www.ambleside.org