12/9 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

What an active period we just came out of. Apparent more tranquil for the next several days but cold!

Summary:  Amazing how early it is in the Winter Season and parts of the region have had 4 bouts of wintry weather in the last 3 weeks. Colder air has settled in for a while. Snow cover has overspread a huge chunk of north America.. it is turning out much colder and potentially stormier than I thought!  So far, no blockbuster storms for us, but we have a ways to go! There are indications that something could come at us towards the end of next week. We will have to see. Quite honestly, it is nice to relax a few days and enjoy the fact that it feels like winter! See storm post mortem at http://mawinterweather.blogspot.com


Thanks to all who continue to post to the Forum. Our community has grown to 35 members and surpassed 7500 posts!. We have even added a Meteorologist (a friend of mine) who had great things to share in the last storm. Please join those who have so we can get good feedback and regional coverage. http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb3/


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