12/8 Winter Weather Alert

Winter Weather Alert!
What? Winter Storm with mix and potential Ice Storm scenarios for regions.
When? Tonight into Friday
Where? Northern 1/3rd of the area, specifically Northern Virginia and Maryland , North of Fredericksburg and 25 mile either side of I-95 to see a mix of Freezing rain, sleet, and snow. More Snow Possible Far Northwestern Virginia and West of central Frederick County Maryland.  Central regions, just east of the Mountains and south of  a Fredericksburg to a Charlottesville line down to Roanoke area may meet ice storm criteria due to cold air damming.
How Much?
Mixed areas: 1-2 inches of snow and then a slop eastern side (I-95 and east), 2-4? western side, were more sleet will be involved verses Freezing rain.  
Areas staying all snow should see a healthy 4-8? with potential 10?+ amounts in spots.
There are signs of potential thunderstorms which will enhance precip types in all areas, and may add to totals of snow as dynamics could offset warmer air aloft.
Comments: This storm is still a quick mover and will give areas a quick change from no precipitation to serious amounts very quickly. Some early runs this morning indicate the possibility of less mixing. This leads me to think we could see more snow just west of I-95.. still the same regions.. north of Fredericksburg, west of  I-95.
More to come:

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