12/4 First Call Maps.. First call amounts

Ok. This is my first call, likely final call after next Model runs.Giving some Locations and amounts!
Charlottesville: 5-10″ Starting Early Afternoon
Roanoke: 5-10″+ (Some spots 12″) Starting 7-9am
Lynchburg 4-8″ Starting 7-9am
Richmond: 3-6″ Starting 9am – noon
Fredericksburg: 5-10″ Starting noon to 3pm
DC National: 5-10″ Starting 3-6pm
Baltimore: 5-10″ Startng 5-8pm
IAD: 5-10″ Starting 3-6pm
Hagerstown: 4-8″ Starting 3-6pm
Purcellville: 4-8″ Starting 3-6pm

Few things on this:
1. Think Storm will be further west
2. See good Wrap around/deformation zone possible
3. Expecting a closer to the coast pull ultimately
Great School in Northern Virginia. http://www.ambleside.org

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