12/28 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Quick Update, because it has been too long!
After a very cold Month, we did  big switch in temperatures right in time for Christmas. Thus a rainy Christmas and quite the quiet down on the web site. I am sorry! After one last that will keep me from posting, I hope to get back into the swing of things!\
Some quick thoughts:
Why did we warm? The Undercutting of the ridge on the west coast (+PNA) pattern broke down. This has allowed the Pacific jet to really crank and cause a succession of storms to hit the west coast ad transverse the country. These storms are energetic and mild as they bring Pacific air and not arctic air.
Another low comes through tonight and tomorrow and then more rain/showers are expected on Saturday.
When will it change? There re strong hints that the end of next week could bring changes and a return to wintry weather. It is so far out, but worth noting!
All for today! More to come starting Friday!
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