12/15 – Sunday: First Chance Of Snow DC/MD/VA

Because there is always hype about storms (and I am as guilty as anyone hyping them!) I felt it prudent to send the first Winter Weather Alert for the region.



A low will come out of Canada this weekend and go through reformation off the VA Coastline. It is a little unclear what happens exactly here, but experience says this system will only bring some light snow to the region and minor accumulations (mountains more, and Northern/Northeastern Maryland needs to pay a little more attention), if anything at all. Two models that are being watched closely have 2 different scenarios! One brings as much as a foot of snow to the Northern Virginia area and points north as well as the Mountains. Possible?? Maybe, but I think that it is way overdone and not catching the realistic location of precipitation and low pressure placement off the east coast.



This event will commence Sunday evening and overnight.



As I said, right now I would call for a small accumulation, though the first flakes will be seen by many in the northern third of the region east of the mountains. If the storm comes around to look more like the American model (the one with what appears less realistic), a lot of snow could fall for Virginia and Maryland and DC!


If you would like the possible scenarios, DT of wxrisk has some great graphics of possibilities. http://www.wxrisk.com/SECS/summary.htm . If you look Scenario 1 or 2 look more likely. Scenario 3 and 4 are similar to the model that really shows a lot of snow for the region.



Snow will likely be seen in areas this Sunday that have not yet seen it this year, but, so far, the impact will likely be minor, but the storm has a lot of potential. If you happen to be going to New England, there could be a much as 1-3 FEET of snow from this storm in places!



FYI.. Next week we are in a more favorable weather scenario to see another storm, so just take this as a heads up! And yes.. “I’m Dreamin'”!


More to come!




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