12/14 Winter Weather Alert: UPDATED

Winter Weather Event will likely cause problems in the Mountains, and with commutes
A Mixture of Snow and Sleet as well as freezing rain will hamper the Morning commute tomorrow, but the extent of the frozen precip will be lessened as the storm system is expected to run more inland as it comes towards the area. Expect most areas to see a brief mix with a quick turnover to rain. This will not be as likely far western sections of Maryland
A very Heavy rain event tomorrow evening for areas that see ice outside of far western Mayland and Far western Virginia, this will likley melt it!
Most areas will see a quick shot of some sleet and snow quickly changing to rain and freezing rain. Freezing rain will persist in the mountainous areas especially the valleys, of Virginia and Maryland. Some higher elevation of far western areas will see snow (VA and MD) and then some Ice. Snow in central and Western Pennsylvania, though Far SW PA will see a mix and even rain for a while. This storm will not be a big icing event east of the mountains.
Some thoughts on amounts:
Western Maryland (Hagerstown) could see 2-4?.. then sleet and freezing rain.. west of and including this region could see a significant Ice Storm
Far Western Loudoun: 1-2? Snow then Sleet and Freezing rain and rain ..
Shenandoah valley, North of Hot Springs: 1-2? snow.. then ice and sleet.. to rain.. back to snow briefly
Coastal plains east of I-95 will see little mix to quick rain.
I-95 cities and west to immediate Piedmont, north of Fredericksburg could see a light coating
Cites west of a Fredericksburg to Lynchburg line could see some coating of ice early, then a mix over to rain.
When? Starting Thursday Early Morning South overspreading northern areas by Late Morning
Comments: This system has taken on much more of a warm look. The issue will be that a little precip will cause huge problems tomorrow as it is these minor events that can snarl traffic for hours!  The Ground, especially in Northern Virginia, is frozen and many stations are reporting road temps below freezing. Long and short.. not a big event, but a big headache is possible tomorrow morning depending on when the storm starts
As noted, I do not have time to update the mp, but it looks wrong now!
Of Note: Large potential Snow Storm early next week! Details are still being worked out!
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