12/13 DC/MD/VA Winter Weather Alert

Significant Icing event. Moderate Icing event and Light Icing event
Some Accumulating Snows
Significant Icing: Immediate Piedmont: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina
Major Icing: Immediate Piedmont to 35 miles west of I-95; Maryland, Virginia
North  Carolina : West Central NC
Light Icing: I-95 to about 35 miles west of  I-95: West Central NC
Snows: Higher elevations of Northern Virginia and Western Maryland. A large Part of Pennsylvania, West 40 miles west of I-95
When? Starting Thursday Early Morning South overspreading northern areas by Late Morning
Comments: Tough call in many ways. A lot of precip will fall over very shallow cold air. The Warm air appears to truly Surge over the area and warm areas close to or above freezing. There is a chance for significant rains as well. If things stay frozen, ice storm conditions could be reached by a lot more areas than what I am indicating on my first guess map. May issue a follow up call tomorrow night.. but my guess may be all the time I have to do.
Of Note: Large potential Snow Storm early next week!
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