1/18 Winter Weather Updates

Storm Adjustments.


3 Systems will affect us! These are my thoughts


System One:

Size: Small clipper.

When: Tomorrow afternoon:

Where? North of a Charlottesville to Frederickburg to an Atlantic City line.

Amounts: There is possibility for as much as 1-2inches but 1 inch or less more likely. Further north you go, the higher the amounts. Western facing mountains could see 2-4 inches


System Two:

Size: Small clipper.

When: Thursday

Where? North of a Roanoke to Richmond to Salisbury Maryland line.

Amounts: 1 inch MAYBE, but northern areas. Western slopes of mountains 1-3 inches.



Size: Still significant, but likely not Historic

When: Saturday into Sunday

Where: A Shifting north trend through the day.

Southwest:  I see a snow sleet mix almost area wide a quick transition to rain. Western Slopes. Piedmont, potential Ice Storm after an initial burst of snow.

Southeast: Some snow/sleet mix, quickly mixing with and changing to freezing rain and sleet and then rain. Some LIGHT snow accumulations, some ice. Western Areas in piedmont have to watch for Ice Storm. A turn over to rain likely..possible ending as a quick shot of snow.

Northeast: Snow.. mixing with sleet and freezing rain. Significant snow accumulations and the significant Ice.

Northwest. Snow.. Heavy at times.. Significant to even possible major accumulations, but a mix likely to cut down on snow amounts.




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