1/17 DC/VA/MD Weather Outlook

COLD and windy conditions to start our week. The Northern areas may see a bit of snow shower activity again Wednesday. My eyes are wide open for next event. Models trend Historic, but reality may be otherwise!


Brrrr! The cold winds are upon us. Many areas dusted last night with very light snow. Today we have northerly winds and cold air! We will slightly warm up around Wednesday and then more cold air should arrive this weekend. And Then? Well, there are some good trends by long term models that I trust that say a significant storm will be affecting the area Sunday into Monday! There are even Historic precipitation outputs on one model, but there will need to be several runs showing this before I need to go crazy!

Just a reminder that I have a new Weather Forum for the region. It is not heavily used and only a few members now. I would like to see it grow and get busy during storms especially! http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/


Today: SW: 25-35 SE: 25-35 N: 25-35

Cold and windy. Really cold tonight with temps flirting around 0 in the Mountains

Tueesday: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35

Temps remain cold

Wednesday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 35-45

Increasing clouds. Some rain and snow showers possible, especially north.

Thursday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.

Friday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy

Saturday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40 (temps could be adjusted downwards)

Some cloudiness.

Sunday: SW: 25-35 SE: 25-35 N: 25-35

Significant Snow possible.

Long Term:

As noted, Sunday into Monday could be a big storm, but many details to work out between now and then!

All for now!

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