1/17 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook


I have been busy again and thus the lack of writing here. Life seems to go faster when you get older and then things that bring you enjoy do not get the time they need to do it well. I will probably only post during bigger events, but boy did I miss last weekend. Looks like a repeat is about to happen, though the ending as snow is unlikely this time, thunderstorms will be a big player.


The chance does exist for gusty winds and even isolated tornadoes again as the dynamics will be strong, though maybe not as much thunder.


Winds will usher in colder temperatures again, but they are likely to head to normal in less than 24 hours!


What is the deal? Well, the NAO has gone positive (strongly), the Sea Surface Temperatures are not favorable for negative turns. The Arctic Oscillation showed signs of potential colder pattern flip near the end of the month… I think it will, but it is hard to tell. The warmer temps look to remain until the last few days. The storms every couple of days will likely continue, but there may be a chance of something next week… Tuesday time frame.. that may be worth watching!


Hopefully things will get interesting for snow lovers soon!


All for now!




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