1/14 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

The changes are a coming and more interesting situations in the long run!



Here comes a powerful cold front and heavy rains. Some severe is possible overnight so please stay tuned to local weather and media outlets for watches and/or warnings. Temperatures will likely be at their highs after midnight and fall later in the day. The weekend cold is not as cold as I thought, but, there are signs some re-enforcements will come next week and a close call storm as well! Temperatures will really plummet after it and New England could see a Historical Storm! Long range becomes fuzzy, but colder air (seasonal to just below) will likely stick around now, with a few milder days here and there! Nothing is set in stone though so keep coming back for more updates.


 Just a reminder that I have a new Weather Forum for the region. It is not heavily used and only a few members now. I would like to see it grow and get busy during storms especially! http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/




Friday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 45-55 (temps falling)

Clearing turning colder as the day progresses. Very Windy!


Saturday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.


Sunday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.


Monday: SW: 38-48 SE: 40-50 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.


Tuesday: SW: 38-48 SE: 40-50 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.


Wednesday: SW: 38-48 SE: 40-50 N: 30-40

Partly Cloudy.


Thursday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40

Increasing clouds. Some light snow possible in the north. A lot of questions!

Long Term:

Possible winter weather, but most likely a really cold couple of days possible.


All for now!


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