11/29 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Severe weather is possible today and windy weather. Windy and rainy is probably more likely! A day of transition and then a cold front comes through and knocks temperatures down! There is a possibility of 2 winter storms in the next 7-10 days!

Summary:  It is amazing that it is 60 degrees here as I write this almost at midnight! What is the deal! A strong cold front is causing a blizzard in the upper plains and severe weather in the eastern plains. These strong storms are a continued sign of an energetic Pacific Jet Stream which has been the culprit for transitional weather! As we chill down after a front Thursday to below normal  temperatures a low will be rapidly advancing across the US at a lower latitude. This COULD result in the first measurable snow for northern areas! Then a follow up system MAY come up towards the area and this too could cause snow.. or a snow to rain scenario! It is possible we could get seriously cold again, but it is all hard to tell! My confidence lowers dramatically after Sunday, but I would say the chances of a small snow storm or light snow event is possible for northern areas (probably north of Fredericksburg and west of I-95 up through Philadelphia.) but it is all in models now! The follow up system to this weekend appears to have a better potential at significant snows!
Tropics: Delta is heading east! Towards Morocco! Crazy wild year!
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