11/26 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Cold weather is on the retreat for us.  Though I had some hope presented by models of its sticking capabilities, the weather pattern did as I expected in my winter outlook! With developments in the Sea Surface Temperatures, I think the winter outlook will continue to come true!  We have some rain Monday through Wednesday and mild temperatures. Some signs of colder weather for this next weekend. Again, will it stick?

Summary:  Progressive pattern means, when we get cold, we cannot stay cold.. but also, when we get warmer, we cannot stay warmer!  And this week gives us just that scenario! We start off today really cold, and yet will warm up 10 degrees from yesterday (still very cool) and then tomorrow about 10 more degrees and then, Monday 10 to 15 degrees! Monday may have places flirting with 70 in the south! We also introduce showers into the forecast and could have some ok rains in the west? There goes the snow pack. But there are now signs of another cold snap next weekend. Timing of features related to the colder air will be a bit difficult, but this looks like a New England snow. There are thoughts that maybe a blocking pattern will show up this coming weekend. We will see.
Tropics: Delta is slowly falling apart.
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