11/23/2005 Snowshowers in the Forecast

Some Snowshowers Possible overnight!
I understand there were snow showers around yesterday evening for people east of the mountains, well it appears this possibility is becoming more likely overnight tonight. It appears that a clipper system (quick moving storms from Canada) will quickly overtake the area this evening and areas west of 95, especially the northern Half of Virginia and all of western MD, will see some brief, wind whipped, snow showers tonight. There may be enough now to whiten the ground in spots, but, typically these storms do not drop much snow for the region. The result tomorrow, will be very cold and windy conditions tomorrow!
Of note, the Great Lakes will be providing serious amounts of Lake Effect Snow the next few days! Also, northern New England  will also see some good snows.
This is just a Holiday sampler!
There were signs that a true snowstorm may take shape next week. The last several model runs have started to change the direction and may actually bring in warmer temperatures. I will keep you posted if things change!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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