11/14 DC/MD/VA Weather Outllook

OK.. Tropics remain active as Gamma may be born today! Colder air is invading this side of the globe and could provide a progressively colder pattern. Could it flurry this Wednesday evening.. in the west..yes? Showers possible tonight tomorrow and Wednesday.. best bet Wednesday. Cooler air comes in and Thursday and Friday may be the coldest of days. Another reinforcing shot of cooler air Sunday may bring showers of rain and again snow showers in the west. 

Summary:  There are signs of a progressively colder pattern and this is encouraging for winter lovers! Without a Negative NAO and some other signals coming into play we have some time before the real locking power of colder conditions. But, temperatures will get knocked down and we will have less of a chance to stay warm long based on the pattern changes. Rain showers with the front Wednesday may be either accompanied by strong winds or even strong storms. After the front comes through, temps will cool dramatically and the mountains and immediate piedmont. Will have to wait and see. 


Tropics:  Gamma seems inevitable. The chances for a US landfall are not there, but still, what a crazy year!


Looking Out for Winter: Well, the Polar Vortex (or one of them) seems to be ready to take up residence in Canada and there are slow signs of a southward movement. This will prove to increase cold temps and increase Canadian snow cover, which has really taken off, but is not a deep snow pack yet. The pattern does not show the Negative NAO yet, but this is good in general. As mentioned, there is a chance for a passing snow shower Wednesday Evening in the west and maybe a rain or snow shower Saturday Night into Sunday morning. Will watch.



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