10/18 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

Potential For a New England Hurricane may bring us serious winds and the first real cold snap with temps dipping below freezing. We have a great week ahead first before Wilma?s influence will send us into wild pattern. Exciting weather.. not great for Gulf coast areas and New England as wind damage and more rain appears to be on the way. MUCH COLDER Temperatures should come in her wake!

Summary:  Well, we are in a nice stretch, but things are about to change. Yet again a hurricane (will be by noon today if not already) Wilma, is poised to do some real strengthening and will likely hit category 4 or even 5 standing at some point. Florida needs to be on the lookout for this storm and I hope they understand its potential. There are multiple scenarios being played out by the models for how they handle and ultimately phase Wilma with a trough. Similar scenarios of Hazel and even Hurricane Lilli from a while back. The results could be historic and will likely alter the pattern in the east to a very cold one for a little while as Air comes across the pole and into Canada and hen spills into the east. This could set up some Lake Effect Snows (especially at night) and could cause many places to end the growing season hard with a freeze. Windy conditions in the Mid Atlantic to New England could set the stage for massive power outages and there could be a swath of rain from the far eastern Carolinas to New England. The key thought here is STAY TUNED!  


Tropics:  Wilma will likely be the next Major Hurricane to affect the United States. Category 4 or even 5 status are not out of her reach. Florida needs to be on guard as this hurricane quickly intensifies.     


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