09/07 Heavy Rains/ Severe potential next few days

Frances, or at least what is left of her, is on a
march just along or to the west of the Appalachian
mountains. On this track, we will be getting hit with
heavy rains, some flooding likely, and even Severe
weather as strong “spin” will remain in the
atmosphere. Guidance is showing 2-4 inches, but
Mountainous regions (which have already seen isolated
cases of 1-3″ of rain the last few days) are likely to
get a lot more.

The Rain will really start in earnest later today and
into tonight. Severe possibilities are more likely
tomorrow and Thursday.

The weekend is looking good, as eyes turn southward to
Hurricane Ivan!

Right now, I believe strongly that the system is
headed for the Gulf… questions beyond this time
remain.. Will he do a Charley?.. a Bonnie?… or is
the threat the western or Central Gulf?… Obviously
too early to tell!

All for now!

Jimmy Chaplin of Mid Atlantic Weather. http://www.midatlanticweather.com
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