01/26 DC/VA/MD Weather Outlooks

In a split flow it is really hard to tell what systems will do. Some rain today, some flurries possible. Colder Tomorrow and Friday. Some hints at light wintry precipitation this weekend, bigger threat possible early next week, Longer term could be a repeat of last weekend.

Summary: Warmer air is invading the region and a front is going to cross the area. Widespread light to even moderate rain has shown up on radar. This will likely be the case through the morning, as scattered showers will continue. As colder air works in this afternoon and evening a few snow showers across the north are not out of the question. The models through the next week or so are not going to do great on events but give a sense of what the weather may be. With that in mind, there is a chance of a cold air damming episode this weekend in which Southwestern Virginia will pick up freezing rain, possibly after a slight bit of snow and sleet to start. This is not certain, but looks possible. The precip **MAY** make it northward and give most areas a chance of light precipitation which could come as rain and snow and sleet mixed (though I think mainly light rain). Temps will be close to freezing, but not severely cold, so, unless heavier precipitation arrives I am not expecting something too significant. THERE is a possibility that something  may organize early next week, but, as I said, models are not convincing.

Longer term, there is talk of 2 possibilities of wintry weather next week, but we have a long time to look at that! One reminds me a lot of the last big system, that just missed us.. we will see!

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Today: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 45-55
Above normal temperatures! Some rain today especially central. Temps drop for some snow flurries possible north.

Thursday: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35
Much colder! Thursday night may be the coldest of the season.

Friday: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35
Partly Cloudy

Saturday: : SW: 30-40 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40 (temps could be adjusted downwards)
Some cloudiness.

Sunday: SW: 30-40 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40
Light wintry mix, snow, and or rain possible.

Monday: SW: 30-40 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40
Wintry mix, snow, and or rain possible
Tuesday: SW: 30-40 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40
Wintry mix, snow, and or rain possible.

Long Term:
This weekend system will need to be watched for its inconvenience. Temps look seasonal next week. Nothing is totally clear for next week but there could be 2 chances of winter weather.

All for now!