01/24 DC/MD/VA Weather Outlook

It was a big storm, but a big miss for me! I will try and recap the storm. This week we see a moderation in temperatures for a few days ABOVE NORMAL, a clipper to turn us colder and then??? Another winter storm possible this weekend!

Very cold and windy conditions followed our “storm” which was far less than what I had advertised. Late Friday night it became apparent to me that my thoughts were likely wrong. My headline changed, but my last call map was my last call so I let it stand. I learned a lot from this event, the biggest is that the models are showing systems further south than they should. This storm rocked the Northeast. <http://news.bostonherald.com/localRegional/view.bg?articleid=64954> .

This week: We have a chance of some flurries up north today. Moderating temperatures. A clipper through Thursday. Colder temps for a day then seasonal. MAYBE a winter storm this weekend.

Thanks to all who posted to the Forum. Our community has grown to 20 members. Great observations and feedback. Please join those who have so we can get good feedback and regional coverage. <http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb/>


Today: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35
Cold, but not as cold as yesterday.  A few flurries in the northern regions not out of the question.

Tuesday: SW: 45-55 SE: 45-55 N: 40-50
Moderating temperatures!

Wednesday: SW: 50-60 SE: 50-60 N: 45-55
Above normal temperatures!

Thursday: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35
Maybe a shower and turning colder!

Friday: SW: 30-40 SE: 30-40 N: 25-35
Partly Cloudy

Saturday: SW: 35-45 SE: 35-45 N: 30-40 (temps could be adjusted downwards)
Some cloudiness.

Sunday: SW: 25-35 SE: 25-35 N: 25-35
Wintry mix, snow, and or rain..most likely changing to rain if it occurs

Long Term:
This weekend system will need to be watched. Temps look seasonal next week.
All for now!