Much cooler and windy day | Some Snow! | Cold but tranquil next week

As we wind down from an incredible weather day where winds and floods were the predominant issues, we will continue with breezy conditions and very cold air. Actually winds will be up there in gusts still possible to 50 mph or more, especially in the mountains. That could definitely topple some trees after all that rain. Tonight a system will come through that should cause a period of light snow from areas from the middle part of the state north. Some folks will see a coating, mainly on the grass. Tomorrow breezes continue and cold air. Highs for many will be the 20s and 30s with breezes making it feel 50 – 60 degrees colder than what we had earlier this week! Saturday may also bring a period of snow showers to the region. Sunday remains chilly – and slightly below temps will remain through Tuesday. No other real chances of precipitation. Will watch for another small disturbance Monday night. Next week could be mainly dry with temps headed more towards normal. (40s) All for now!

The week ahead! A roller coaster, warmth, severe, back to cold, and Snow?

Sunday: Clouding up! Cold still with highs 30s and lower 40s (colder mountains) Sunday Night: Sleet and freezing rain is possible, especially SW VA and NW NC – this will be light for the most part – and mainly immediate piedmont areas Monday: Freezing rain and sleet could make some morning impact along the immediate Piedmont of VA. Not a major icing based on amounts of precipitation, but you do not need much for serious issues. Some snow may be mixed and accumulate in FAR NW VA and Far Western MD – but icing there too. Tuesday – MUCH warmer with highs getting into the 50s and even 60s in the south! Wednesday – BALMY! 70s seem possible southern VA and NC as well as 60s north – Severe weather COULD impact the region Wednesday Night into Thursday – breezy as well Thursday – Front will slide east and colder air will filter in! Temps in the 40s and lower 50s with some rain possible Friday – COLDER with highs back to 30s and low 40s at best – THERE MAY be some light snow chances around this time frame as well – Breezy too! All for now!

Adjustments to the Snow forecast coming – updates LATE tonight!

Knocking an inch off for most areas and even 2 in some places! Not a wet system and the flow is not cooperating. A general trace to 3″ looks the best most can do except the mountains and maybe the coast if the coastal gets involved. System just cannot get juiced up in a fast flat flow! Some bands will hold surprises like they did this morning! More much later this evening!

Weather Outlook

Snow is winding down for the Eastern areas. Getting reports that in the heavy bands we saw 1 – 4″ in spots! WOW! Shows what cold air and little moisture can do. We will deal with these higher ratios tomorrow so that storm is looking a bit better for some. I will add my First Call to the Web Site. Cold conditions will continue through Sunday, but a warm front will pop temps back above normal next week! Monday – Wednesday we could see some rain! Temps will be 40s Monday, 50s and 60s possible Tuesday through Thursday! Temps will cool again towards next weekend and we will watch as there are hints of some interesting winter weather chances around that time! All for now! First Call for Tomorrow! – Sponsored by Lawn Design! Check them out at for all your lawn and landscape needs!


Little snow tonight could make commute poor!!

With the extremely cold roads and a little moisture some snow flurries/showers are likely tonight. This small amount of snow may not mean much, but the roads could get some slick spots as the snow will NOT melt, even with salt on roads! You should plan on getting up early tomorrow and getting a head start, or see if things are bad and maybe head in later to work. These small amounts of snow can sometimes be the worst types of snow as the accumulations make it very slippery but all work and school is scheduled as normal! Jimmy

Quick Updates|Cold Week|Winter weather

Enjoy today as the warmest it will be this week Arctic front with cold and snow showers tomorrow – Temps will fall through the day SUPER cold Tuesday! Highs in the 20s and wind chills teens or colder all day. Cold conditions continue, but Friday looks like mess and not all snow! Snow to rain and freezing rain to all rain based on current models. Colder air seems to come back in after the system to make sure we feel winter. Hints at a bigger winter system the following week. All for now!

Models have pushed Totals AWAY from Northern VA

Final CALL – Range is 1″ either side of the below (so 2″ is a range of 1 -3″) For DC area 1 -2″ and mainly southern Suburbs Fredericksburg/Stafford – 5″ Richmond – 6″ Caroline County – 7″ Charlottesville – 10″ Lynchburg – 12″ Roanoke – 12″ Martinsburg – 12″ Asheville – 13″ Raleigh – 2″ Norfolk – 2″ La Plata – 3 Farmville – 6″ Wytheville – 13″ Hope that gets you the sense of what I see. I would have drawn a map if I had time. I just do not! More in the morning!

Rundown on amounts – Final Call LATE

Quick rundown based on what I see – Charlottesville – 9-12″ Roanoke – 8- 12″ Lynchburg – 8-12″ DC proper – 2 -3″ Dulles – 1-3″ Stafford – 5″ Richmond – 5″ Fredericksburg – 7″ Caroline County – 6″ SW VA MTs – 12 – 14 Western NC MTS 12″ All I have time for now! Bust potential north! Lower or higher amounts possible in bands!!