Weather for the Week|Cold start|Few winter threats|Maybe a big one next weekend?

I will be doing less blogs, more videos, and a lot of one off posts to Mid Atlantic Weather.

Forecast looks cold today with teens and 20s for many today and some 30s eastern and south regions. Sunny with winds kicking up as the sun comes out and mixes the atmosphere.

The cold night tonight may be the coldest of the season with some snow on the ground and clear temps. Temps will moderate some.

There is a threat of some wintry weather Tuesday but a mix type scenario and maybe elevated areas seeing the mix.

Later this week the situation looks interesting. Thursday and into the weekend a storm may ride up west of us and start as snow and go to rain. That Low could become a cold block mechanism for a true winter storm next weekend.

Beyond that, the pattern looks to return to milder conditions.

So, I am back!

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All for now!