model spreads

hey all, jimmys right, i do get a little excited when it comes to storms lol, but the truth is.. it is still a good week away, and there is a big model spread with the track, some models want to take this storm farther inland, and a few models want to bring it up the coast, then you got some models wanting to bring warm air up, and some models wanting to keep it cold enough for snow… and lately no 2 runs are the same, very hard to pinpoint anything until probably few more days.. but i cant help getting excited.. winters here … gotta luv it … more to come :)


First we will see a BIG chill down as an Arctic front moves through. Highs this weekend will be widespread 20s and 30s!

SNOW? I am not sure. Luke and I are looking at models. He is getting excited, and I see the potential. But we have some limiting factors. The biggest is the negative NAO! that being said, there could be enough cold air at the start of the event for snow, if we get a storm. But what will happen? A Miller B, a Miller A? I m not confident now but see some things to look at!

All for Jimmy now! More to come!