IF THIS COMES ABOUT!!! IF IF.. It is quite the interesting set up. If it was win…

IF THIS COMES ABOUT!!! IF IF.. It is quite the interesting set up. If it was winter I would be a little more excited. BUT, there is A CHANCE the mountains could see some snow out of this and some flakes COULD make it east of the mountains... WHERE? Well we have to watch and see if it even happens!

While the weather is beautiful now, the longer range European still has a major East Coast storm brewing. It has shifted more north and east than last night's run, and I suspect this is the kind of thing that could trend further north and east with time. But still this is quite a storm "somewhere" on the East Coast. The GFS is more progressive, but since the players are in the Pacific, this is still sketchy. Usually when European shows a big storm near the East Coast, it's right more often than not. No need to worry about the mountain snow or anywhere just yet, even though it drops quite a snowstorm in part of Virginia, North Carolina, straight to the coast! As well as the Northeast states. Which is impressive for a November storm, I'm sure the important details will change...just something to watch right now. Big changes are coming by Halloween and next weekend, no matter what, with very cold air reaching down through Georgia on the backside of the storm. If this were Winter, oh boy...as always, technical discussions at wxsouth.com

More on TS Ana – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/201…

More on TS Ana - http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2014/10/24/parade-of-storms-including-remains-of-tropical-storm-ana-poisted-to-pound-pacific-northwest/

Parade of storms, including remains of Tropical Storm Ana, poised to pound Pacific Northwest
A parade of storms will bombard the Pacific Northwest with periods of rain and wind. Making a special appearance? The remnants of Tropical Storm Ana.