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A few updates:

First, my mom is rather sick. That really threw me off on any consistancy on posting at all. I remain active on Twitter and try and post there a few times a day, although I have been relying a lot on other people’s data. I am now trying again and hopefully any visitors will see more consistant postings.

As of today, there is quite the dynamic early spring snowstorm in SW Virginia. 4 – 8 inches in the Winter Storm areas, 1 to 4 inches elsewhere in the Advisories. Other areas in far southern Virginia, northern North Carolina and along the NC/VA border.

In general we will see colder than normal temps today and tomorrow. Well actually through mid week. Temps could return to normal Wednesday through Saturday before more cool weather enters the picture early April. Rain chances also increase Wednesday and continue until Friday.



Weather Outlook Monday November 6, 2017 – #midatlwx

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

Quick update today. A front will be approaching from the west today and cause an increase in showers and storms. That front will get hung up in North Carolina and a wave of low pressure will ride along it. Very mild/warm today but areas north of teh front wthe come very cool tomorrow. Rain chances persist through Thursday. MUCH colder air for Friday and Saturday with the first widespread feezes expected! 


Thunderstorm and Precipitation outlook through next 24 hours

Mid Atlantic Weather Outlook November 3, 2017 #midatlwx #vawx #ncwx #wvwx #mdwx

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

Northern areas:

Very warm today with Temperatures near 80 east of the mountains. A front approaches from the north and pushes south. A cooler day Saturday north. When the front comes back northward, rain will spread back north for Saturday night. Sunday looks warmer all areas but cloudy. Rain is forecast for Monday and showers on and off through at least Wednesday. Cooler air come in Tuesday and knocks temperatures down from the 70s Monday to 50ss and even low 50s through Wednesday.

Central VA down to Northern NC

Warm 80s and Sunny today. Some clouds will approach and Saturday will have some clouds around. Areas out towards the mountains may see a light rain chance and much cooler temperatures with some cold air spilling southward and maybe some showers. This will be caused by cold air damming or what is known as a wedge. Some show a really cool day with 50s tomorrow and some showers in the western piedmont and mountain areas. Temps recover Sunday and partly cloudy skies.  Showers will overspread the are Tuesday Night and cooler air to the 60s and around 60 by Thursday.

Southern NC – east of the mountains

Very warm with highs into the lower 80s today! 70s look to continue through Tuesday, except some cooler air (60s) far western areas Saturday. Wednesday will see some showers and temperatures will get knocked back to the 60s Wednesday and Thursday.

Longer Range

As you can see, there are signs the long range will be colder than normal. There is a chance that there could be a real cold shot in the midst of this as well! We will have to watch and see! Temps cool from the 70s Monday to 50s north and 60s south Tuesday through Thursday with 70s in the far south.


Highs today and Lows expected tonight.

Highs TodayLows Tonight

Fronts and Weather Map Next Three Days

Rain Expected over the next 7 days







Long Range Outlooks

Mid Atlantic Weather Outlook Thursday November 2, 2007 – #midatlwx #vawx #ncwx #wvwx #mdwx

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

We will see temperature is warming today well into the 60s and 70s. Temperatures will remain warm tomorrow but there will be some increasing clouds especially in the north as a front and easterly flow sets up to cause a cloudy weekend with rain showers in southern Virginia and North Carolina. Temperatures in the north will be knocked down into the upper 50s to lower 60s on Saturday, but all areas will warm nicely on Sunday back up into the 60s and 70s and maybe even low 80s in the far south as the front is pushed back north and spreads more showers north. The storm system approaches rain chances increase on Monday and the system becomes “hung up” in the region providing a chance of showers daily through at least Wednesday of next week. Temperatures will remain in the 60s and even 70s in the south. Long range forecast still appears to show about normal temperatures.

Highs and Lows Novermber 2nd

Rain the next three days:

Rain through Saturday


Rain through next 7 days:

Rain next 7 days

Weather map the next three days:


Long range Temperature Forecast

Long Range Temperatures Issued November 1st

Weather Outlook November 1, 2017 – #midatlwx #vawx #ncwx #wvwx #mdwx

Highs and Lows

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

Kind of a gloomy start of the month with clouds and maybe some sprinkles today, especially towards the mountains and in the north. Temps in the 50s in the north, but much warmer down in NC with the 70s! The warmer temps will work north and be in the whole region Thursday and Friday! Temps will soar to the 60s and 70s.. even 80s far south. A front approaches the region Friday night and Saturday. Clouds and some showers seem possible on and off this weekend, with temps cooling in the north back to 50s and lower 60s. BUT that looks brief as temps begin warming into the 70s again by Monday region-wide!


Long term still looks warmer than normal. Some colder air may visit later in the forecast period but it is unclear now!

Long Range Temps

Mid Atlantic Weather Outlook October 31, 2017 – #MidAtlWx

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

The weather is rather tranquil and cool! No issues with Trick or Treating as temperatures are very much close to normal and we have no rain in the forecast! Temps tonight will cool to the 30s and 40s as usual this time of year. We will see a chance of a few showers tomorrow, especially out towards the mountains. Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than today. Temperatures will warm into the 60s and 70s Thursday and Friday! There is a chance of showers this weekend but nothing looks like a washout. Temps will cool to seasonal 50s and 60s.

Temperature Forecasts today and tonight:



Precipitation Outlook the next 7 days

Precipitation next 7 Days








Long range Temperature Outlook – This may be too warm based on some forecast model reviews!


Weather Outlook Monday October 30, 2017

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

Things will start to quiet down this morning as the powerful storm continues moving northward. Rain amounts in the region were generally 1 to 3 inches.. mor east and North that you were. The Mountains did get some snow too as I have seen reports of as much as 4 to 6 inches! It was a bit ironic that this was the same night of Sandy’s landfall 5 years ago.

Today’s temperatures will be cool with winds making them feel colder! Rains will end west to east this morning.

Tonight we will see lows in the 30s for most and 40s south and along the coast

Temperature forecast: Highs today and Lows expected tonight

High Temps todayLow Temps tonight


Temperatures are seasonably cool tomorrow and then expected to warm up later in the week to near 70 degrees!

There is a chance of Showers in the north Wednesday and more showers possible this coming weekend!

Long range remains above normal temperatures!

6 - 10 Day Temp Forecast


Weather Outlook – Strong Storm Coming #midatlwx

Mid Atlantic Weather outlook for the DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina Areas

A few showers were around this morning and areas right along the coast may have some showers today. We will see temps seasonably cool or just a bit below normal. Good radiational cooling will set up tonight so Frost and Freeze advisories have been posted pretty much, west of I-95. Temps will dip into the 30s for most (20s even in the Mountains where the growing season is over) –

Warmer conditions Tomorrow and Saturday with highs into the 60s and some 70s south. Increasing clouds and showers and rain will be making its way from west to east through the day. Overnight Saturday and Sunday there will be a period of rain, some heavy. Winds will increase and temperatures will be dropping through the day. Highs may be low 60s east after Midnight but in general, 50s east and even 40s west. Far western areas (mountains) will see rain change to some snow and it will accumulate in the higher elevations!

Winds and clouds will keep temperatures from getting too cold Sunday night and cool weather Monday with highs in the low 50s west and near 60 far south Monday.

Long range looks like it will warm up some after this cold shot as the real cold air is now looking to be in the west and not the east. We will see.. very volatile time of year in long range forecasting!

Rain Projection from Weather Prediction Center:

Long Range Temperature Outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center:

Long Range Temperature Outlooks

Long Range Temperature Outlooks