Winter Storm for MD/NJ! Snow – Brutal cold coming! #Midatlwx

I am sorry for the lack of updates as the situation has become better focused. It is pretty apparent that a large part of Maryland will see 4 – 8 or even 6 to 10 inches of snow! Cold week will become a brutally cold weekend!

The snow:

  • Most of VA gets by with just some light snow over the next 2 days.
  • Northern VA and the HIGHER elevations will see snow accumulate more substantially
  • A true conveyer belt of snow sets up for MD amd looks to ride the PA/MD border or a little south
  • Areas in MD with this could see up to 10 inches of snow if the trajectory of precipitation sets up corectly – but 5 to 9 inches seems the likely outcome.
  • Snow will also fly for a few days but not really be heavy outside of this area
  • Temps are marginal once you get into VA and also precipitation quickly drops off

I think it is good to look at what the National Weather Service is forecasting:


There will be a location where a conveyer belt of precipitation sits for a while. The EXACT location of and size of that band is a bit hard to determine, but models are focusing on NE Maryland.

Several pieces of energy come through too so there is a chance of some snow through Wednesday. Maryland. Southeastern PA, and New Jersey really look like the focused spot for this snow! Here is the model output for the American Model:

GFSSnowThis will begin a colder week with highs in the 30s and 40s through Friday when a Clipper comes and could deliver some snow showers. This will lead to an absolute brutal Arctic outbreak.

MANY could see below zero temperatures in the North and Mountains Sunday and Monday morning with wind chills dipping well below zero even during the day. I suspect MANY late school starts Monday due to the brutal cold! It stays cold next week. There are/were some ideas that MAYBE a storm could affect us next week. This is still a possibility and MAY even be a Southern Area winter storm! GA/SC/NC should pay attention!

My thoughts on this storm: