Welcome to summer! Hot/Humid/ Storms! – #Midatlwx

The heat dome is advancing but has been a challenge to push through. That challenge was a stalled front that made the Fourth less than ideal. The front has shifted north and thus the warm and muggy air made it to all the region! The front is still close enough to cause unsettled conditions. The eastern parts of MD and Deleware are dealing with some flooding this morning. The heat and humidity truly arrived as temps will soar to the upper 80s and low 90s ALL WEEK! There will have a daily chance of showers and storms, but the chances will lessen as we get to Saturday. There are signs of somewhat cooler air by Sunday, but you need to get used to the hotter weather because it is not really going anywhere! We will see a few shots of cooler air, but I suspect the whole summer we will be hotter than normal and we will probably be trending drier, but for now the thunderstorm chances will be helpful. I knew the heat was coming, it just arrived a little quicker than I thought.


6 – 10 day Temperature Outlook

Temp Outlook 8 - 14 days

8 – 14 day Temperature Outlook