Unsettled! Rains and the questions! #Midatlwx

The weather will remain unsettled for the rest of the week with some questionable model output and some uncertainty for the end of the week!

This week started with a cloudy day and very humid conditions. Temperatures were able to climb into the eighties in places where the sun was able to break through or come close to breaking through the clouds. A frontal system approaches the region tomorrow and will bring copious rain due to its slower movement. Amounts look heavier in the western/higher elevation regions where one to two inches of rain could fall. Everyone else will have moderate rain with .75″ to 1.5″ falling mainly tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. The front will then get hung up along the East Coast and stay there for the rest of the week. Tropical depression 11 formed off the east coast and could be absorbed into the frontal system and cause rain for parts of the region. This is where the forecast becomes complicated. Some models really do some crazy things with the forecast and spin up a serious low pressure off the east coast that comes ashore somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast. How much rain and exactly how strong the storm becomes is definitely something to monitor. Models have been inconsistent on exactly how to handle this pattern but it does appear that the Northeast at least will be very wet from the combination of the front and whatever moisture comes in from the Atlantic and even some Gulf of Mexico moisture. Things may start to clear on Sunday. Temperatures will remain below normal for the rest of the week and could become very below normal over the weekend.

As you can tell from my many uncertain statements, there are different scenarios that could affect the exact weather that we see towards the end of the week into the weekend. I will try and update more frequently due to the amount of rain and if the potential for a more serious system this weekend starts to show up in models.

Below you will find The Weather Prediction Center’s forecast for how about for rain will fall over the next seven days which shows you how much potential there is for rain in the Mid-AtlanticĀ and Northeast.