Unsettled continues! Much cooler for parts! – #Midatlwx

Today will be cloudy with on and off showers and even thunderstorms in the southern Virginia down sewvere427into North Carolina. The more severe weather did not materialize yesterday in our region of the country. The front did not fire much rain but today the front has stalled out in the middle part of Virginia and is causing showers. Areas south of the front should have enough instability for afternoon showers and thunderstorms, with a chance of some becoming severe. Much cooler temperatures are occurring north of the front in northern Virginia and Maryland. Temperatures are 22 as much as 30° cooler today in some areas. Temperatures remain in the 60s in a North and in the 70s to the South through the weekend. There should be a respite from the rain on Saturday, but the rain chances increase again starting Sunday.

All for now!