To snow or not to snow? OHH it is not easy!

So, I have been very busy with life and that makes it very tough to be on line and updating! I AM SORRY!

What in the world to do with Monday's system.

I am LESS impressed with it! It has been flipping back and forth between a snow to rain, barely much, rain, and, at one point, even a snowy system on models.

What does this say?
Well, in most years, I would conclude, if it is so hard to get  snow storm on a model, it will not happen! But, this year we have some things that have helped it be a snowier outcome! My conclusion, It will likely be some snow, possibly significant, but probably not an ALL snow system! Now, this is NORTHERN Virginia and Maryland that I think *COULD* have significant snow. Some areas will see a snow to start, and then a turn over to rain.

How much?
I am very concerned about the amount of rain! IF we get a lot, flooding and house leaks will be something serious we will have to deal with! I DO expect this will be the case! Flood watches and warnings will end up being posted!

Could it be all snow?!
POSSIBLY, but i would point only to the Northern 1/3rd of VA and Western 2/3rds of Maryland as the possible snow area!

What is next?!
A little colder conditions set up next week for us, but a real Arctic invasion may be in store for the nation. THIS MAY set up a bigger snow storm later next week, but, ironically, a lot depends on the outcome of Monday's system!

So I have a lot of questions remaining. I would suspect that in the next 24 hours I will have a better grasp of this. What i do know is that something is likely Monday!

All for now!