The site is back on line! Mild start of the week. A slow cool down and potential storminess!

Yes, I had some major technical issues this week that brought off the net for almost three days! Well, I am glad to say all parts are back up and functional now! The forum is up again too though I lost a few days of data and a memeber or two because of this! If you can go back and sign up I would appreciate it!

For this week, we will stay very mild, even warmish with highs in the Mid 60s Monday and Tuesday. A front will approach and cross the region this Wednesday and then knock temperatures back to cooler values, but still above normal. More precip will fall this Friday and some areas could see it mix with Snow overnight Friday night, especially in the Mountains.

Longer term there appears to be at least 1 to 2 storm threats the following week. The first looks like rain and maybe what is needed to reverse the warmer pattern and make it head towards  a snowier and colder pattern. If things come together right the second could be the first real now threat in a while.

Look for some changes to as a new format may be used and at least a link to a home weather station, at Mid Atlantic Weather's home, is on the way!

All for now!