Slow moving wet Low still in the forecast! #Midatlwx

## Headline updated! Due to stronger gradients between this low and high to the north, winds on the coast will be gusty and oceans rough, but this is not a strong low as much as a persistent feed of wet weather! ##

Latest weather models show that the Northwestern Part of VA and most of Maryland except the eastern/coastal may not see too much rain from the upcoming system. Cloudy and some rain, but not a washout and likely Sunday and maybe Monday of those areas. Southern/Southeastern Virgina and North Carolina are going to get rains in the 2 to 4 inches category with coastal regions seeing some amounts to 6 inches! High winds and heavy surf are likely, even tropical storm force winds along the Virginia and North Carolina beaches! Exact areal extent of rain into Maryland and Western Virginia are still being worked out by models.. AND LET ME STRESS that the exact details of how far north and west the rain gets is still being figured out! Do not be surprised by changes.. as of now Northern Virginia and Maryland may be cloudy but dry for Saturday. The long-term outlook shows a possible repeat for the October 3rd weekend! Weather can get into cycles and repeat every 7 days! Not saying it will, just something to note!

Below is the outlook by the Weather Prediction Center as of this morning!


Compare that to yesterday’s outlook!