East Coast Low-Stormy Coast, heavy rains! #Midatlwx

Update on Weekend. Models still haveing issues. A strong coastal low is likely to cause issues with coastal erosion, coastal flooding, and heavy rains for Southeastern VA, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The low looks to eventually spread rains north up to Maryland, but that *COULD* take longer and not arrive until Monday. Southeastern VA, Eastern NC, and Northeastern SC could get significant rains over 4 inches! If you add that this is close to the time of the Full Moon, there will be coastal flooding issues. High surf and unsettled conditions will be the rule all week and into the weekend for coastal areas and these will intensify this weekend! The low is looking to move slowly so rains could be closer to six inches in places. Forecasts have not really been reflecting this over the last few days but have started showing this. As of now the Weather Prediction Center has kept the heavier precipitation along the coast and just inland. I think this will adjust, but all details on how far north and west the precipitation moves is still being worked out.