Speculation – 2-17-14_2:00PM

UPDATED: February 17th – 2PM

EVENT 1: Monday Night

As of now this is not a huge deal but could easily extend the kid’s break another day in areas of Northern VA and MD.  This is a warm front so things will go from sno, to snow and sleet, to sleet and freezing rain and rain.

Final Call now out.

Event 2: 60s and 70s – Severe Weather?

Been watching this for a while. It is interesting this year how many times we have warm ups advertised and they have come but usually last 3 to 5 days. Same could happen this time as we will warm. NC will see 70s Thursday Friday and we could see a surge up into VA and MD to the 60s Sunday.

update 2/17 – 2pm

Two maps: EURO for Friday and also SPC outlook

2-17-2014 2-00-08 PM Day 4 = 5 Severe outlook

Event 3: Day 9 – 10 Snow?

Update 2/17 2pm

This is looking more and more possible – Day 9 – 10 may be wrong, but pattern is favoring a snow storm next week.

Event 4: Cold shot

Update 2/17

Continues to look well below normal temp wise the last week of the month into the first week of March!

It appears that the last week of February and First week of March could be colder than normal. A shot at another snow in this time frame seems possible.