Some updates and thoughts on the weather! Seasonable but little snow chances!

First of all, I have just gotten over being sick so I am sorry I have been so absent. Work also remains busy! I see a lot of traffic from Accuweather forums! Welcome to Mid Atlantic Weather!

It has been very cold! I am happy that the heart of winter has felt like it! Unfortunately for snow lovers, the storm tracks have not favored snow for the region. Despite this I have had snow on the ground now since the 17th! Pretty impressive!

A Large storm will spin up off the east coast the next 24 hours as a southern system which brought frozen precipitation to the south will phase with a northern system that may brig some light snow and snow showers to the region overnight. That storm will miss most areas but **MAY** cause some snow for Massachusetts and cause a lot of ocean snow!

Another system will affect the area Tuesday and will likely mainly be rain, but some precip in the mountain valleys and north could cause some sleet or ice.

Another system next Thursday and Friday could also have some mix involved at onset but looks like a rain event.

Temperatures this week will turn much more seasonable with mainly 40s and low 50s after Sunday.

In general, it does not look like a wintry weather week, just too warm for snow.