Some snow – a little snow – A real Spring Warm up!

I have been somewhat silent on the blog but have been posting what I have been thinking on the Facebook Page.

The trends on model runs has been to lessen the snow amounts. In the end, less snow means the less likely that snow will be able to overcome borderline temperatures for snow (Low 30s). That being said, figuring out exactly who gets the more jackpot regions is gonna be hard! Areas could easily see the lower amounts on my map!

My best guess is below. It may be my only map! (YES YOU CAN SEE WHERE I CORRECTED SOME AMOUNTS BEFORE I POSTED)

Snow thoughts for 3/4/2016



On Saturday Night more light snow and rain showers may coat areas in Maryland. Then we see the start of warming up begin on Monday. 50s and 60s will be 60s and 70s by Wednesday (maybe an 80?)

Temps could start to turn cooler by Next Thursday for Virginia/Maryland due to a cold front from the north.

Very long Term

Unfortunately, I see a potential for a cool down after about a week of warmer than normal temps IF certain features forecasted come true, but wintry weather threats appear done for most of the region! Mountains will always run the risk for some snow even into April.

All for now!