Some light Sleet, Snow and Freezing Rain possible tonight. Cold Week. Snow possible Wednesday!

The next 24 hors are a bit complicated. The further north you are the better the chances that you would see some sleet and freezing rain, even snow tonight. Nothing looks heavy and areas should start warming fairly quickly to turn things to rain. A cold raw day is on hand. Areas in Pennsylvania could see enough frozen precipitation to cause some travel issues. Rain will end tomorrow night, even switch areas in Pennsylvania back to snow,  and then a fairly cold week is ahead. The Mountain areas will see some accumulating snows on the western slopes as the upslope snows from the Great lakes. Highs 40's Monday and Tuesday will turn to 30's and low 40s at best the rest of the week.

Wednesday will see a slipper approach. I am not that thrilled with clippers and their snow output, but there is a certain trajectory, if taken, that could bring snow to northern Virginia and Maryland. Taking the models at face values, 1- 3" of snow could occur Wednesday into Thursday… but it is still far off, and Clippers can also bring just snow showers, or rain if the trajectory is incorrect.

After this week we will likely see a warmer trend. there is still another system to watch for next weekend, but I am unclear on it now!

All for now!