Snow will more likely be an issue for Southeastern VA, NC, SC, and GA

The trends are there that this storm will not make it up the coast that far. There are many variables as to why:
1. The Low Pressure of New England is strengthening. If it had/would not have and if it moves out, the issue will be removed
2. The system DOES phase, but not until the system is past the East Coast. This will cause the Low to miss the possibility of coming up the coast
3. What precip falls will fall into marginally cold air which means melting and not all snow except maybe overnight.

All that to be said, this year we have tended to end up with some accumulating snow from southern systems, but this looks just too far south.

Today we head to 50 or above for the area. Tomorrow with clouds, 40s look likely into Wednesday. Then we see a gradual warming after Thursday.

By next Sunday and Monday temps will again be in the 50s and areas could see 60s in a bout a week that have not seen them for a long while.

All for now!