Snow kind of fizzled – VERY COLD and the Next week challenge

First off the weather system overnight did not do what was forecasted by many. The “jump” of energy to the coast took too long and warmer air remained keeping temps above freezing. So nothing at all accumulated! A miss by most all people reading models.

But we are at the warmest part of the day as temps will fall and winds will increase causing a blustery day with highs falling to 30 or below areas east of the mountains, and teens to single digits west by nightfall. Add blustery winds, and you bet there are wind chill advisories!

Cold weekend will mean highs pretty much in the mid to upper 20s for both days.

An odd set up of a system is looking likely early next week, and despite cold air this weekend, a snow to mix to even rain event is looking possible. Ironically, on this system, the weaker it is, the more likely snow will fall for most of the event. As of now, the low really is strong and this may be an Appalachian mountains big snow with a lot of mix and rains east of there. A lot to ponder.

All for now!