Severe weather risk – wet south/nice north Sat/Sun – storms for the 4th#Midatlwx

The Severe Storms Prediction center has highlighted the region with a marginal to slight risk for severe weather today. The biggest threats today seem to be wind and hail, but an isolated tornado is also possible. This will set up a pretty good weather Saturday for many. The front that clears most of VA will get hung up in NC.  That means a continued chance of thunderstorms Saturday, some of which could be severe, for North Carolina Saturday, and then a return of storminess into Southern VA as well as NC on Sunday. Monday could be an interesting day. There are some signs that another Meso Convective system could affect the area. The last one that affected the area caused all the WV flooding. I am not yet convinced of this but it is something to note. It also means that the Fourth could end up wet with the weather’s own fireworks! There are signs it could be a severe weather day!

Next week we battle between air masses as the warmth in the middle of the country works on breaking down the cooler air to the northeast and the Mid-Atlantic is the battle zone. When battles like this happen in our region we need to watch for some prolonged precipitation (see 7 day precip forecast below) in certain areas and a risk for severe. Eventually, the warmth/heat is going to win and we will likely head to hotter than normal temps as we start the second week of July.

Stay weather alert through the weekend and into early next week!



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