Risk of Severe – Unsettled Week! – #Midatlwx

We will continue a wet pattern the entire week. Today we run the risk of severe weather and locally heavy rains. The biggest severe threat today we’ll be wind and hail. I had originally believed that any better and dryer pattern will occur this week, but this looks less likely as a front remains stalled across the region and impulses of moisture could cause showers almost any day. There will be sometimes where when rain is more likely, but with the unsettled conditions, showers could occur at any time. Today there is enough instability for more numerous showers and storms. Tomorrow does not seem as wet to the south, but a continued risk of showers and storms remains north. A very anomalous cold area of low pressure will settle in later this week. This colder pool of air aloft will keep conditions unsettled. With so much cold air the risk of showers and thunderstorms will continue and the likelihood of hail producing storms. Temperatures could be cold enough to cause a graupel at the very highest of elevations in West Virginia Thursday. The cold upper-level system should be clearing the area Friday and allow warmer temperatures to return next weekend. However, conditions will remain a bit unsettled especially for Northern Virginia and Maryland.

The long-term will likely show a dryer pattern and warming temperatures.

Please stay aware of the potential severe weather today and later this week. All for now.